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"Since the beginning of the school year, my Year 2 class has been following the program suggested by Touchtype Learning. Every child has been able to follow the lessons set out in the booklet during both computer time or as a fast finishing activity. They enjoy each lesson as the lessons are designed to allow each child to work at their own pace." - Debbie Ricketts.

"I am nine years old and I live in Sydney. I asked Mum and Dad if you could print my letter as a testimonial. They said 'Yes'. Thanks for the products you have sent me. They were fantastic to use. I am still using the gloves to help me out a bit. I can type without the gloves too. The lessons are excellent. My teacher said they were great. We do typing every Friday." - Tiffany Tjugito

"I've just been shown a pair of your gloves and handbook... .what a terrific idea - so simple but effective! I work as an independent Special Needs consultant and the 'how do you teach young children to type' question, is a constant one - especially when I visit schools and see all these students 'hunting and pecking' away!" - Cheryl Dobbs

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